Season 4 Graduation

September 03, 2017

In case you missed it... 

Academy of DJs took the Season 4 showcase to the next level and pulled off some festival quality production. Family, friends, and other community tastemakers lined up early to see AVA B, APHAM, AVU, GRAZFED, MANCAO, MIKECHECKK, RAYBAE, STZYCBRZY, VOISAN, and Y!KES. They debuted in the most EPIC fashion and ignited the dancer in all of us -- 400 in attendance if we were to guess. If you didn’t leave the Studio Exchange venue out of breath, slightly hard of hearing, or drenched in sweat, were you even there?

 Graduates graced a custom designed stage against a white infinity wall, which projected visuals to accompany the unique set engineered by each respective DJ. Moving lights danced in synchronization with the beats, while the crowd thrusted their multicolored glow sticks in unison. The venue was LIT, so much so that you needed sunglasses indoors. How perfect was it that ZeroUV sponsored shades at the door? You can tell we came prepared! The crowd was at times assaulted by the unexpected blast of CO2 during the musical highlights, which elevated the already exciting sensory journey. Arms were most likely sore at the close of the night from the endlessing fist pumping.

From the stage, the new DJs watched faces light up and bodies sway to their musical conduction. Being up on the stage alone for the first time, playing music that they like, and controlling such a hyped crowd is an experience that the Season 4 graduates savored. It’s a feeling unparalleled, and one that will never get outplayed. At times they may have seen their own reflection in the crowd. No they weren’t hallucinating, there were actually 2ft. tall cardboard cut-outs of their faces floating around. After all, this night was about them!

 Attendees commented on the diverse sets and musical selection. There was something there for everyone, even the parents joined in on the fun! The buzz heightened with every performance, and the DJs definitely picked up new fans. Our photographer and videographer were able to capture all the great memories, and everyone had a chance to commemorate the night with photos against our dope vinyl covers wall. If you want to relive the night, like we’ve been doing for the past week, you can check out the live mixes on the Academy of DJs Soundcloud playlist.

We did reach capacity within the first hour of the event. So, we have to extend an apology to those that didn’t get in, but do expect the next graduation to be bigger and better...if that’s possible. Many thanks and hugs for the continued support of our community!

Enjoy our recap video below :)

Photos By: Bryan Miraflor | Video Recap by: Inviscus Media

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