Season 5 Graduation Recap

March 10, 2018


The Academy of DJs Season 5 Graduation marked a new beginning for our newly minted DJs. We debuted ATHENA.C, JOHN GIBBY, KAIROS, LEX, SHLOK, SHYTWIN, STIKKTRIXX, SYNN CITY, and QUINTEN. They took to the stage for the first time, sharing their styles and sounds with the support of their families & friends, and finishing the night with new fans.

LTMA was a great venue that allowed us to create an immersive indoor and outdoor experience for our guests. Attendees entered into the outdoor arena first and were greeted with free goodies - lightsticks to keep the place glowing and ZeroUV sunglasses to protect their eyes from the bright lights. Then, our guests beelined to the photobooth to take wide-grinned and silly photos against a gold backdrop to remember their night before it got too wild.


We had to make sure all our attendees were satisfied. First, we didn’t want our outdoor guests to miss the fun indoors, so we had the whole show projected outside on a 15-feet wide screen. Next, we had a fun DJ0themed bar menu to fuel our music lovers, dance machines, and party go-ers. Finally, when everyone got hungry, Dos Chinos made some delightfully indulgent snacks to munch. We came prepared for you all.

The real excitement took place indoors. From the back, you had a full view of the stage and the audience. The crowd was swaying side to side and bobbing their heads rhythmically to the opening sets, which were all graced by our alumnus. Colorful lights flashed on the stage and illuminated on the dance floor. Those lightsticks and sunglasses definitely came in handy! The “Sex, Drugs, & Rock N Roll” neon sign added to the cool interior and backdrop of the place.


The crowd never stopped dancing and were cheering every student on stage. Season 5 graduates were laser focused during their set, but couldn’t help smiling when cutouts of their heads were surfing the crowd. They relished each minute of their performance. The celebration was further elevated when we brought out a cake on stage and the entire audience sang “Happy Birthday” to Amber aka KAIROS. Vibes were always high thanks to the amazing crowd and staff.

Birthday Cake

If you didn’t make it this time, make sure you don’t miss the next one!

Every graduating student showcases a different flair to their mixing style. If you haven’t already, check out their set on soundcloud:


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