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Academy of DJs is a DJ school set with a purpose greater than just showing students how to blend songs and beat match. We are here to mentor, we are here to instill passion & ambition, we are here to show you what it really takes to be a DJ in this modern day industry.

Academy of DJs, we have the network and experience to kickstart your DJ career to limits you could only dream about. We not only teach our students the art of DJing, but  put our students to the test with gigs, networking, shadowing and opportunities to put their new found skills to use!

Students in the past have signed record deals, opened for huge name artist at festivals, and DJ'ed at prestigious clubs across the nation. We teach with passion and mentor our students as much possible. We are in tune with the modern day industry and have a huge network with major clubs, labels, and resources. All you need to bring to the table is a thirst for knowledge.

Ready to live out your passion in music? Let's go.

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