What’s the difference between Private Lessons and Season Classes?
Specialized courses are a 4 lesson course with one of our DJ instructors that requires no application process. Season classes are a 15 week mentor/student style journey where the classes meet once a week on Sundays from 5PM-9PM. Seasonal classes require an application process as limited seats are available.
    How many people usually apply for seasonal classes? How many people get in?
    Generally, we get about 100 applicants a season. Unfortunately, we can only choose a select number of students based on the mentorship style class setting we pride ourselves in. 
      If I have no DJ or musical experience, can I apply for the private lessons or seasonal class?
      YES! Our classes are structured so anyone can join and learn, we provide all equipment and studio time. All you need to do is show up with an ready to learn!
        If I have DJ experience, will the private or seasonal classes be too easy?
        Not at all. Our private lessons are individually catered to your experience and style. We match you up with a DJ instructor that can help grow your knowledge and skill set. Our seasonal classes cover beginner to advanced techniques, there will always be opportunities to expand your DJ skill and knowledge.
          Where are you located?
          We’re located at 3307 W. Warner Ave. Santa Ana, CA 92704. This is where all private lessons and seasonal classes will be held!