DJ Disaster Jasper



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DisasterJasper has always been exposed to the culture of Hip Hop as a child. In the early portion of his life he explored the depths of Graffiti and Breaking. As he got older he decided that he wanted to move into the musical portion of things. After trying to teach himself to DJ, he soon realized that a sure way to success is to take on a mentor. He found a set of people that were willing to teach him the craft. Throughout this process he fell in love with the Art of Djing.

DisasterJasper has an open format party rocking style ready to take on any circumstance. Being inspired by many high level DJ’s, he has incorporated scratching and some turntablism tricks into his style of Djing.

After being picked up by the Inviscus/Academy of DJ’s family, DisasterJasper has expanded his ambitions to helping others grow and progress in music and Djing. As in individual who finds interest in constant growth, he is also now exploring the world of music production.



Not only can DisasterJasper rock the floor on the turntables, but as a bboy he is also known to hit the dancefloor with intense flavor. His love for the arts has taken him all over from Djing, dancing, and now even music production. Although is seems as if his life is revolved around music, DisasterJasper is also very fond of outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring. He has always had a love for being surrounded by nature.


Thanks to friends and family DisasterJasper has had the opportunity to perform and some prestigious venues such as Exchange LA, Arena, etc. He has also Djed at Heat Night Club with some of his peers with DJ Mustard as the main act. Alongside the other teachers at Academy of DJs, DisasterJasper had an amazing time spinning at the evergrowing Rewind night hosted by Mansion Night Club. Southern California has been blessed by a colossal event known as the OC Night Market where he had been invited to DJ.


DisasterJasper has a style to which others might call flavorful. He mixes open format from soulful RnB across the spectrum to Hard-hitting trap, while adding a splash of scratching and turntablism. He caters to the dancefloor and will show the crowd that they can have confidence that he will rock the night!


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