S11 Week 4

Read Articles:

10 Things that annoy a DJ


5 Mistakes new Club DJs make (And how to avoid them)


Watch Videos:

DJ AM Documentary Excerpt


Understand how digital DJing (with laptops) was a huge milestone through an interview with one of the first open-format DJs - the late DJ AM

DJ AM explains Serato


DJ AM Wonderwall routine


Quiz :


Weekly Challenge: 

In Serato, add new crates on the left-hand side to get started on organizing your DJ library!

Ex. A typical way to organize your music would be by genre. Therefore, crate names such as hip-hop, rock, R&B, house, trap, etc. would be a good starting point.  Be aware that these general genres have several subgenres too (use subcrates!) However, organization doesn’t stop there. There is no right way to organize - do what works for you!


Download & Prepare:

Music + Slideshow

** Download all music/video/sheets BEFORE class.