S14 WEEK 0


S14 Survey! (Due THIS SUNDAY, 6/4)


Interview at least 7 your S14 CLASS! (Other 7 Due 6/11).

  • Instructions: Have a minimum 10-minute conversation with each classmate and get to know each other
  • Example questions you can ask: Where are you from/where did you grow up? What’s your family like? What’s your favorite food? Who is your favorite DJ? Why did you sign up for ACODJ?
  • Meeting ideas: Have a boba/lunch Zoom call, play a Zoom drinking game (if that’s your thing), have a meal or do a fun activity
  • Task: List a minimum of (5) bullet points from your conversation


Interview Management: DHO, JEFF, & JASPER (due by 6/18) 


Record your interviews with the sheets in the Homework Upload Drive. To get to the interview sheets, go to the drive, select "Week 0", and select "Interview Sheets". Find the doc with your name and fill out notes from your interviews there!

Staff interview sheets will be in the "Week 2" folder.