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seasonal course

Seasonal Course is what Academy of DJs started with in 2015 and still holds true today.
Applications now open! Taking applications until August 31st, 2024.

Seasonal courses are a in-person 20 week intensive program ending off in a graduation festival as your final test.
We hold a lot of pride in our seasonal course and have humbly grown our family these past 9 years.

Seasonal students gain a family and support system while learning the art of DJing. By teaching in a group setting, we've cultivated a close knit community of musicians that continue to push and motivate each other in and out of the studio.

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Season 16 application

Season 16 is a very special season to us! We are celebrating our 9 year anniversary,
holiday festivities, and our community is stronger than ever!

Note: our application process is extremely competitive. Please fill out the application to the
best of your ability. Be detailed and feel free to show your personality!

S16 Apps open until August 31st 2024. Season 16 starts End of September 2024.

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Seasonal highlights


7 Guys 7 Girls - all for one
one for all

2:1 Staff:student ratio

Mentors, TAs, Counselors, Aides
We have more staff than students!

Bootcamp style

We cram in 3 years worth of knowledge in 20 weeks

Grad Fest

Graduate in style in front of thousands with your friends and family


When Does S16 Start?

Around end of September 2024

Can I do seasonal class remotely?

No, we require you to show up to class and various activies throughout the week. Students have moved across the US to do this course, on weeks notice!

What equipment will I be learning on?

We have EVERYTHING at our studio. CDJs, Turntables, Controllers and more. You will be cycling everything to get a good grasp on all the different types of equipment

How do I get selected?

Our application process is very competitive. We typically get over 250 applications per season and have to painstakingly narrow it down to 14 students. Some students apply for years before getting in!

This is not the fact of them not deserving a spot, just not the right time with the right cohort. We take our mentorship and class synergy very seriously and will not take more students than our 14.

Do your best to show your personality and why you want to be part of this program on your application. If you pass the first round, we will call you in for a interview and we can get to know you better!